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3D printer nozzles and nozzle nozzle failure is not a big problem solving skills

Date:2016-10-06 08:39:07   Click:2442

Today, 3D printers are widely used in all areas of life, has entered the ordinary family life, education, teaching and production of the mold manufacturing Shouban production, etc., in our daily use of 3D printers, we often meet To the 3D printer nozzles nozzle and the nozzle is not a wire problem, which we should be how to solve it?

For the 3D printer nozzles no wire processing methods are as follows, we can refer to the next, to find fault problems, according to different problems to solve:
1, the nozzle is too far away from the table, adjust the distance between the table and the nozzle, so that it can just through a business card, the purpose is to adjust the platform so that the nozzle closer to this piece of paper. This step may have to try a few times, will be effective.
2, the table temperature is too high or too low. ABS printing table temperature should be around 110 ℃, PLA printing table temperature should be stable at 55 ℃ or so.
3, printing supplies, home supplies supplier supplies to adapt.
4, print ABS generally in the workstations affixed to high-temperature tape, print PLA generally paste in the workstations to help the United States profile paper bonding.
5, will clean up the platform or build it a little higher. The specific approach is to use a lint-free flannel with a little bit of topical alcohol or some acetone nail polish cleanser to clean the surface of the platform. Acetone can be found in the hardware store, use it carefully before reading the instructions. If not, try rotating the knob on the bottom of the platform to adjust the height of the platform so that the platform is close to the nozzle.
The above 5 points for everyone in the face of the 3D printer nozzle without reference to the treatment, can be quickly resolved through the failure.